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Expertly curated. Sustainably sourced. From hundreds of local and independent producers. For people who enjoy great quality and care about the planet.

Our local supply chain means we source directly from a network of local and sustainable farmers, growers, fishers, and makers. Help fix the food chain and enjoy great quality food.

What do you mean by local?

For us, local means that the food you order is grown or produced near a major city that we offer delivery then delivered straight to you from our farmers and food makers. When you buy local food, you’re directly supporting small farmers and family businesses who care about getting the best food they can make (or grow) – and it hasn’t traveled as far, so it’s much fresher, tastier and healthier.

Why are some products not organic?

We love organic food – and we think organic is a better approach for both farms and food producers, since it is respectful of the land, people and animals involved. But we also believe that small and local means better, fresher food, so we take a wider approach with everyone involved in sustainable food production – not just those certified as organic. We think knowing exactly who is behind your food is just as important.

Why are some items not available all year?

We do our best to make the most of local seasonal foods, so there will be times of year when certain items aren’t in the shop. Eating seasonal produce doesn’t just support local farmers and guarantee freshness, it’s also much more sustainable than sourcing out-of-season foods from overseas.

Shoppin with Sustainable
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  • You enter your zip-code into the platform and all farms available within 60 miles will populate to shop from

  • Make your selections by individual farm or altogether at once

  • Place all items into your shopping cart, choose a delivery slot for each farm you're shopping from and place your order

  • Your fresh food is harvested and picked to maximize taste and quality and packed, ready for delivery

  • Our delivery partners will deliver at the selected day and time, in as little as a two hour window, same day

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